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A Continuing Education for the Mind, Body and Spirit. . .
Which we co-create with the instructors and practitioners, in a non-competitive atmosphere, so that they may provide their clients and students a serene environment that is conducive to health and healing on all levels. From the physical to the metaphysical, instructors at The Center bringtheir special gifts in the alternative/complimentary fields of well being, and teach ways in which each of us can be more attuned to and responsible for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

THE CENTER FOR INTEGRATIVE WELL BEING offers a variety of classes, seminars, workshops, and therapies designed to promote optimal healing, enlightenment, health and well being. To see all of our classes and workshops, click on the classes, circles or special events link.

We hope to see you at the Center soon. We are in our NEW LOCATION.

Our new address is: 24125 Drake Rd. Farmington, Michigan 48335
We are in the WWOCAR Realtors building on the lower level.

Many Blessings to you all.

In La'Kesh (in Mayan -I am another you and you are another me)


Included among the classes and therapies offered are:

~ Reiki - both therapy and attunements
Qi Gong ~ Quantum Healing ~ Holistic Health Consultations~ HerbalHealing ~ Guided Meditations ~Crystal Therapies ~ Bach Flower Remedies ~ Aromatherapy ~ Feng Shui ~ Energy Healing ~Past Life Regression- Shamanism ~ Personal Growth and Empowerment ~ Readings~Natural Healing Modalities ~ Hypnotherapy ~ Stress Reduction~ Reflexology ~Auric Cleansing ~ and more.


Continuing Education for the Mind, Body and Spirit, at The Center for Integrative Well Being

24125 Drake Rd. - Farmington, Michigan 48335